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We are Minnesota, Friends 

Let's DEAL With It


About James Sceville

A Common Man with Common Sense Solutions

James Sceville is a local Optician, father, and husband who is striving to bring realistic common-sense approaches to legislative problems in MN.  With a background in healthcare and manufacturing, James understands the area of MN1A and our unique economy.

There are no special interests to pander to. Every decision will be made on what will work best for the common person.   

Our Priorities

Outreach and Rural Engagement

No One Should be Left Behind

Sceville for MN House is committed to rural Minnesota. Keeping and more importantly expanding access to healthcare and other essential services will be a top priority.  

James Sceville has the healthcare experience to know how to help District 1A

Defending Democracy

Ensuring All Voices are Heard

We believe that everyone that has the right to vote, will have that opportunity to vote. From people that love to vote day of to the elderly that need a mail in voting to have their voice heard. 

James Sceville will protect your voting rights in District 1A

Advocating for our Community

The right person at the table

Having the right person at the right table can make all of the difference in a community. A politician that is able to work with leaders to bring positive change for our district is needed to get our area growing and thriving. 

Sceville is the leadership we need advocating for District 1A

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