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Let's DEAL With It

Defending Democracy

Everyone's Vote Counts

In person or early voting mail in ballot, every voter matters and ever vote will be counted. Making sure voting is easy and accessible is fundamental. We will work hard to make sure voting remains a strong right. 

Expanded Access

More Care, Less wait.

Rural Healthcare is always a challenge. Working with doctors and hospitals to expand scope we can help reduce wait time on common medical procedures. Working with the state to address rural senior healthcare needs we will shore up our nursing home facilities keepings our elders close to us. 

Affordable Housing

Giving a chance for all communities to grow

Let communities own and build housing to suit their needs when private equity might not be available or want to take a chance. This will give rural communities the opportunity to grow as they choose. 

Local Accountability

The right person at the right table

Bringing reasonable ideas to the table, making sure everything is paid for properly, and making sure things are working before jumping to the next idea. Making sure we have someone we can trust to keep the system in check rather than tear it down. 

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